The Pavelka Project 2015- April’s Challenge #polymerclay #TPP2015 #craft

Hi. I know it’s been a while since I posted here. It’s a slow process kick-starting a new blog. Especially when I’m in the middle of a blogging project on my writing blog. LOL To see what Calisa Rhose, the writer in me, is up to join me for Blogging A to Z Challenge 2015 on Pen of the Dreamer, my writing blog. We’re on the letter ‘T’ today and that post will go up later today if you want to check back.

I mentioned over there yesterday about April’s special challenge project for the Pavelka Project 2015 that I’m posting here. I promised pictures of the Carmex lid I made for Spring. I’m really excited about this one. It took me literally hours to create. The regular project for this month is to do a foil technique, but I don’t think I’ll get that one done. Here are some pictures of my Spring Garden.


Top view

This top view is to show all the elements I made on my Carmex lid. Can you spot the butterfly, dragonfly and lady bugs?


Top front view

This is probably the only spring flower garden I’ll have this year. 🙂 I made each and  every flower petal and grass stalk. You can’t really see them, but there are tiny cane leaves on the flowers too.


Butterfly close-up

The butterfly is a little hard to see or photograph in a good angle, but I think you can see it here. I might try again to get a good pic with my light box.


Top side view





Lady bug close-up

You can see a few leaves stuffed among the grass and stems here if you look close.


Dragonfly close-up

This little guy was actually supposed to be a butterfly, but like my writing, characters often take on a mind of their own. LOL

I started by covering the lid top in a green I custom mixed with Premo! Green, a touch of a lighter one and a touch of Jungle. I used a brown I had laying around from another project for the rim. I think it was a mix of Souffle Cowboy and Premo! Brown.

 I rolled bits of Premo! Green and Wasabi (the yellowish stalks) for the grass stalks, clumped them into three or four and molded those around the ‘garden’ first. For the flowers I used mostly Premo! colors, which is my favorite clay to use so far. I haven’t tried Fimo yet, but Kato has a really strong plastic-y odor that kills my allergies to use and it doesn’t work as well for me, a bit tough to soften. I made each petal and stem, then bunched them in clumps of four which I molded onto the lid around the grass clumps. At this point I baked the lid.

Once the ‘garden’ was cool from baking I added the butterfly and dragonfly to the flowers. I made the lady bugs and placed them on the rim, then added the green balls. Those are made with green Premo! as a base to help them stick to the baked clay, then I used upside down metal bead caps filled with Wasabi balls. I used Bake & Bond to help all the raw clay pieces like the bugs that were added to the baked piece stick where I wanted them. Last I added the lady bug foot prints, then baked a final time.

I was going to add a touch of Ranger’s Perfect Pearls Interference Green powder to add extra glimmer to some of the flowers and grass, but I just remembered I was going to use it. Oh well, next time. 😆 I might still add a few drops of Sculpey liquid to make dew drops. Maybe I can add the powder to that. 🙂

I almost always bake for an hour at the suggested temperature, no matter what the project or how small. Larger pieces I bake for two hours or more, depending on how thick it is. For Premo! the package says to bake at 265* for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch. Since my lady bugs were about that thick I gave them an hour, just to make sure they baked through. Over-baking won’t hurt most Premo! clay unless your temp is too high. As long as you have the correct temp you could probably bake a piece all day and it won’t burn, and since polymer clay is plastic, it won’t dry out like Play Dough. I say it won’t burn, but I should add that I cover every piece I bake with aluminum foil in a foil pan. I have burned a couple of items early on that weren’t covered. I also believe I was still using Sculpey III then, which is a much softer clay. I’m not sure if it burned because my oven temp was too high or because I baked it too long unprotected. I discovered my (convection toaster oven) temp is way off to just set and go, so I have since bought an oven thermometer that I use to set my temp correctly.

March’s project was all about learning techniques for faux stone in ivory, turquoise and cinnabar (a red stone). I haven’t done anything with the pendents yet so I haven’t shared them here.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at this project as much as I did making it. Thanks for stopping by!


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