Christmas Creations-2015

Last year I began making ornaments for family and friends. I chose wild animals, zoo inhabitant-like creatures; giraffe, zebra, monkey, etc. This year I chose Christmas stockings for the grandgirls and my co-workers. I was thrilled that everyone loved their little gifts. So thrilled I wanted to share some with you.

First, here’s a few pics of last years’ creations.




























Yes, I’m aware a snowman isn’t an animal. LOL

I can’t find the pics of the zebra, so I added this little guy my daughter made.

 So for this year, stockings! As usual, I used Premo! clay.

These are personalized with each person’s name stamped in the front and the year stamped into the back of each. I made, decorated and baked each tiny gingerbread man and candy cane and added them to the backs of the pre-baked stockings (approx. 2.5 inches tall). The bows are actually fabric gift decorations left over from last year and the balls on those are plastic, so bows were glued on last, since you can’t bake plastic. 🙂

I made and attached 20 ga wire eye hooks before the final bake, and made (20 ga) wire hooks to hang these on the tree. I will give my husband credit for suggesting the toes and heels of these little darlings. Once they were formed and ready to bake, I added sticky gemstones, then I glazed them with a clear glittered acrylic paint and baked. Once they were baked and cool I sealed them completely, front and back, with acrylic paint sealer. You could also use sculpey sealer, or polyurethane.

Recipients have to be careful because two of my little ones broke their candy canes by dropping their stockings, and I broke one on another by handling it too aggressively during sanding. Luckily, I was able to salvage and repair them.

Later I’ll post the steps to making a stocking. I hope you enjoyed this holiday post. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year!

Stockings- 2015

two of my granddaughters’ ornaments.







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