My 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge #polymerclay #2016PCchallenge #ornaments

Hey, hey!

This new year, beginning January 1, I’ve decided to officially jump on Katie Oskin’s 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge to make one item a week. I’m sure some weeks I could even slip in two or more, but I’ll focus on one each week.

Yep, amid my outside job, everyday life and romance writing, I’ve chosen to add one more thing to my busy schedule and make an ornament each week. YAY! I will use secondary mediums to spice up these primarily-clay items. I like bling; glitter, gems, etc., and being creative, stretching my mind outside the box.

I think ornaments can say so much to and about someone, plus I love making them (as you can tell from my previous post featuring these stockings ). And they’re cute. 🙂 When you hear the word ornament, you probably think of the major holiday, Christmas, right? But I feel ornaments are not just for that one wonderful, joyous, but isolated season (yes, I believe Christmas IS a season all it’s own. 🙂 ). Why not have special ornaments for anything, any occasion?

Valentines Day? Yes! Fourth of July? Yes! Christmas? Yes! Birthdays, personalized, dated and just fun? Yes, yes, yes, YES!

So, 2016 will be my year to make lots and lots of ornaments! 52 of them, in fact. If you’d like to join in, go to Kater’s Acres and see how you can sign up! Don’t forget to join Katie’s 2016 Facebook challenge group too.

Check back weekly to see what’s new. If you’d leave a comment to let me know what you think, I’d love to meet other artists and fans of PC!

Have a blessed and healthy New Year!

Christmas Creations-2015

Last year I began making ornaments for family and friends. I chose wild animals, zoo inhabitant-like creatures; giraffe, zebra, monkey, etc. This year I chose Christmas stockings for the grandgirls and my co-workers. I was thrilled that everyone loved their little gifts. So thrilled I wanted to share some with you.

First, here’s a few pics of last years’ creations.




























Yes, I’m aware a snowman isn’t an animal. LOL

I can’t find the pics of the zebra, so I added this little guy my daughter made.

 So for this year, stockings! As usual, I used Premo! clay.

These are personalized with each person’s name stamped in the front and the year stamped into the back of each. I made, decorated and baked each tiny gingerbread man and candy cane and added them to the backs of the pre-baked stockings (approx. 2.5 inches tall). The bows are actually fabric gift decorations left over from last year and the balls on those are plastic, so bows were glued on last, since you can’t bake plastic. 🙂

I made and attached 20 ga wire eye hooks before the final bake, and made (20 ga) wire hooks to hang these on the tree. I will give my husband credit for suggesting the toes and heels of these little darlings. Once they were formed and ready to bake, I added sticky gemstones, then I glazed them with a clear glittered acrylic paint and baked. Once they were baked and cool I sealed them completely, front and back, with acrylic paint sealer. You could also use sculpey sealer, or polyurethane.

Recipients have to be careful because two of my little ones broke their candy canes by dropping their stockings, and I broke one on another by handling it too aggressively during sanding. Luckily, I was able to salvage and repair them.

Later I’ll post the steps to making a stocking. I hope you enjoyed this holiday post. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year!

Stockings- 2015

two of my granddaughters’ ornaments.






The Pavelka Project 2015- April’s Challenge #polymerclay #TPP2015 #craft

Hi. I know it’s been a while since I posted here. It’s a slow process kick-starting a new blog. Especially when I’m in the middle of a blogging project on my writing blog. LOL To see what Calisa Rhose, the writer in me, is up to join me for Blogging A to Z Challenge 2015 on Pen of the Dreamer, my writing blog. We’re on the letter ‘T’ today and that post will go up later today if you want to check back.

I mentioned over there yesterday about April’s special challenge project for the Pavelka Project 2015 that I’m posting here. I promised pictures of the Carmex lid I made for Spring. I’m really excited about this one. It took me literally hours to create. The regular project for this month is to do a foil technique, but I don’t think I’ll get that one done. Here are some pictures of my Spring Garden.


Top view

This top view is to show all the elements I made on my Carmex lid. Can you spot the butterfly, dragonfly and lady bugs?


Top front view

This is probably the only spring flower garden I’ll have this year. 🙂 I made each and  every flower petal and grass stalk. You can’t really see them, but there are tiny cane leaves on the flowers too.


Butterfly close-up

The butterfly is a little hard to see or photograph in a good angle, but I think you can see it here. I might try again to get a good pic with my light box.


Top side view





Lady bug close-up

You can see a few leaves stuffed among the grass and stems here if you look close.


Dragonfly close-up

This little guy was actually supposed to be a butterfly, but like my writing, characters often take on a mind of their own. LOL

I started by covering the lid top in a green I custom mixed with Premo! Green, a touch of a lighter one and a touch of Jungle. I used a brown I had laying around from another project for the rim. I think it was a mix of Souffle Cowboy and Premo! Brown.

 I rolled bits of Premo! Green and Wasabi (the yellowish stalks) for the grass stalks, clumped them into three or four and molded those around the ‘garden’ first. For the flowers I used mostly Premo! colors, which is my favorite clay to use so far. I haven’t tried Fimo yet, but Kato has a really strong plastic-y odor that kills my allergies to use and it doesn’t work as well for me, a bit tough to soften. I made each petal and stem, then bunched them in clumps of four which I molded onto the lid around the grass clumps. At this point I baked the lid.

Once the ‘garden’ was cool from baking I added the butterfly and dragonfly to the flowers. I made the lady bugs and placed them on the rim, then added the green balls. Those are made with green Premo! as a base to help them stick to the baked clay, then I used upside down metal bead caps filled with Wasabi balls. I used Bake & Bond to help all the raw clay pieces like the bugs that were added to the baked piece stick where I wanted them. Last I added the lady bug foot prints, then baked a final time.

I was going to add a touch of Ranger’s Perfect Pearls Interference Green powder to add extra glimmer to some of the flowers and grass, but I just remembered I was going to use it. Oh well, next time. 😆 I might still add a few drops of Sculpey liquid to make dew drops. Maybe I can add the powder to that. 🙂

I almost always bake for an hour at the suggested temperature, no matter what the project or how small. Larger pieces I bake for two hours or more, depending on how thick it is. For Premo! the package says to bake at 265* for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch. Since my lady bugs were about that thick I gave them an hour, just to make sure they baked through. Over-baking won’t hurt most Premo! clay unless your temp is too high. As long as you have the correct temp you could probably bake a piece all day and it won’t burn, and since polymer clay is plastic, it won’t dry out like Play Dough. I say it won’t burn, but I should add that I cover every piece I bake with aluminum foil in a foil pan. I have burned a couple of items early on that weren’t covered. I also believe I was still using Sculpey III then, which is a much softer clay. I’m not sure if it burned because my oven temp was too high or because I baked it too long unprotected. I discovered my (convection toaster oven) temp is way off to just set and go, so I have since bought an oven thermometer that I use to set my temp correctly.

March’s project was all about learning techniques for faux stone in ivory, turquoise and cinnabar (a red stone). I haven’t done anything with the pendents yet so I haven’t shared them here.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at this project as much as I did making it. Thanks for stopping by!

The Pavelka Project 2015 and me #firstpost

Hi. Welcome to Fanciful Allure! I am so excited to start sharing creations and ideas and maybe a few tutorials, with you here on my brand new website/blog.

I am currently participating in Katie Oskin’s and Lisa Pavelka’s year-long The Pavelka Project 2015 challenge.First I need to give credit to these two wonderfully generous ladies for offering this FREE learning experience.

You can find Katie on Kater’s Acres:

Lisa Pavelka at her site:

As promised in my About page I want to share what we’ve done so far. But before I do, if you’d like to join us for a monthly project challenge through all of 2015, you can sign up here: We’d love to see your clay projects and talent!

In January we were challenged to make a Suspended Crystal Snowflake. I’m not sure how I feel about mine, but I completed the challenge so I am happy about that. I decided to make mine a pendant.

Pavelka Project- Jan. challenge- Suspended Crystal Snowflake
Pavelka Project 2015- Jan. challenge-Suspended Crystal Snowflake

Sorry about the foggy picture. I forgot to wipe the camera lens. Once I get my new camera box put together, I’ll take new pics.

January had a second, mini project we were challenged with. Lisa Pavelka is addicted to Carmex lip balm toppers. She actually made one a day for a year in 2012. I don’t know about you, but I’m in awe of her ability to think up 365 different designs! But she did and you can check them out here.

So she and Katie challenged those in the project to make a Carmex topper with a Valentine’s Day theme. I think I did ok for my first one. What do you think?

Jan. Carmex lidRim

Then, in February we were challenged to make a clock. How fun does that sound? It was suggested by both Lisa and Katie in their tutorials to use a CD. I never would have thought of that but it worked (once I remembered not to overcook the plastic disc lol). Here’s my second attempt. I didn’t think to photograph the warped first one. 🙂 Yes, this actually is a working clock.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t wait to begin March’s project tomorrow! We’ll be making something with faux techniques. Katie hasn’t shared just what yet. 🙂

I hope you’ll check back in March to see what I make. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some of my other clay and bead work.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll return. While you’re here, feel free to let me know what you think of these projects in comments. 🙂